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Joseph D’Aleo, Certified Consultant Meteorologist, AMS Fellow

Joseph D’Aleo was a co founder and the first Director of Meteorology at the cable TV Weather Channel. He has over 46 years experience in professional meteorology. Mr. D’Aleo is now co-chief Meteorologist, Weatherbell Analytics LLC founded in 2011.

Mr. D’Aleo was Chief Meteorologist at Weather Services International Corporation and content manager and “Dr. Dewpoint” for WSI’s popular web site. He helped develop statistical models using atmospheric, oceanic and solar factors for seasonal and longer range climate forecasting. He was a partner in a hedge fund for energy and agriculture for 4 years using those relationships.

He was a college professor of Meteorology at Lyndon State College where he helped establish a successful program that grew from 37 to 137 students during his 6 years there.  Among his many accomplishments there, he inaugurated the Northeast Storm Conference, now in its 41st year and helped establish campus based and private forecast services and an AFROTC program.

He has authored a resource guide on El Nino and La Nina and authored and presented a number of papers on advanced applications enabled by new technologies on how research into ENSO and other atmospheric and oceanic phenomena has made skillful seasonal forecasts possible. He was a contributing author with 7 papers in Elsevier’s Evidence Based Climate Science now in its Second Edition.

Mr. D’Aleo has also authored many articles, white papers and peer reviewed papers and made numerous presentations on the roles cycles in the sun and oceans have played in climate change and the integrity issues we have with surface temperature measurements. He was also a contributor to the NIPCC and the ISPM and AMICUS briefs to the DC Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. D’Aleo is a Certified Consultant Meteorologist and was elected a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). He has served as a member and then chairman of the American Meteorological Society’ Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, and has co-chaired national conferences for both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. Mr. D’Aleo was elected a Councilor for the AMS, the only private sector meteorologist that had been selected by their peers.

Joseph D’Aleo is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with BS and MS degrees in Meteorology. His master’s thesis was on Explosive development in east coast cyclones. Joe spent three years completing doctoral coursework in Air Resources at NYU but the school of Engineering and Science closed its doors before Joe could write his dissertation. During that time, Joe was a meteorological producer for the CBS Weather Center in NYC for radio, local and network television. Later after Lyndon State College, Joe joined John Coleman as meteorological producer for Good Morning America as they planned the Weather Channel. Joe was awarded an honorary doctorate for his pioneer work in weather forecasting, success in starting a successful program at Lyndon strong for over 40 years in synoptic meteorology and broadcasting and success as co-founder and first Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel.

Mr. D’Aleo’s areas of expertise include long range climate forecasting, microclimatology, natural factors involved in climate change including ocean cycles, the many solar factors, volcanism as well as man’s role in local changes from urbanization and land use changes.


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More research papers appear at THS Research.