Icing The Hype
Jun 22, 2013
Three strikes and your out

Dr. Gordon Fulks


If you missed the radio show Saturday, ou can catch the Sunday repeat as described below.  The show will also be available from the radio station archives as of Monday, I am told.

I’m far from the super star here.  That’s Shannon Goessling, the Executive Director of the Southeastern Legal Foundation.  She/they are are one of the principles suing the Environmental Protection Agency over Obama’s attempts to regulate carbon dioxide.  We scientists are merely friends of the court, saying that the EPA got the science wrong.

Science is typically too complicated to argue in front of justices who probably paid little attention to science in high school (hated it).  But they are masters of logic and evidence in much the same way that scientists are.  And unlike the general public, they will put robust empirical data (evidence) ahead of expert opinions.  Hence the government’s likely arguments of consensus and authority will have to take a backseat to robust data.

We have been fortunate that the EPA based their ‘Endangerment Finding’ for carbon dioxide on “Three Lines of Evidence” by which they mean ‘Three Arguments.’ These are inherently simple arguments that everyone can understand:

1) The Global Temperature has been unusually warm since 1950.

2) They are nearly 100% certain that man-made greenhouse gases are to blame, because of a mechanism involving water vapor that produces a ‘Hot Spot’ in the tropical troposphere.

3) Their highly sophisticated computerized climate models are able to keep track of all factors and accurately predict the future out 100 years.

Of course all of these arguments are fatally flawed.  And since these arguments are fundamental to all of the hype that follows from them (like melting icecaps), the entire theory of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming falls apart and EPA has no basis for regulating carbon dioxide:

1) Failed Warming: There has been little net warming since 1950 and all has occurred in the Northern Hemisphere, not globally.  Furthermore, there has been no statistically significant warming for two decades.

2) Failed Hot Spot: The ‘Hot Spot’ is completely missing.

3) Failed Predictions:  ALL of the climate models used by the EPA are epic failures for their inability to accurately predict the earth’s climate since the advent of robust satellite temperature measurements in 1979.

Three strikes and you are out in the old ball game!



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Our Guests:  Physicist, Dr. Gordon Fulks, & Shannon Goessling, Exec. Dir. of Southeastern Legal Foundation

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