Frozen in Time
Jan 26, 2007
If the Cap Fits:  Why our CEOs are warming to Kyoto.

KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL, Wall Street Journal

Jan 17, 2007
Why Global Warming is Probably a Crock

James Lewis, American Thinker

As a scientist I’ve learned never to say “never.” So human-caused global warming is always a hypothesis to hold, at least until climate science becomes mature. 

Jan 13, 2007
“Will the sun cool us?”

Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post

Jan 09, 2007
Where is Winter?

Brandi Trapp, The South End

Americans have endured extreme weather this winter, but not just extreme cold.

Jan 09, 2007
Climate changes of past yielding clues to present

David Perlman, Houston Chronicle

The ancient Earth has seen its global climate come and go a few million years of ice-covered cold at times, and long epochs of dry, ice-free warmth at others, all due to the vagaries of nature.

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