Frozen in Time
Sep 21, 2007
Nobel Laureate Fears Growing Reliance on Grain-based Fuels Threatens World Food Supplies

By Tom Webb, Pioneer Press

In the food-versus-fuel debate, there’s little doubt where Norman Borlaug’s heart lies. The father of the “Green Revolution,” Borlaug’s life has been dedicated to increasing the food supply in the developing world. His work with grains is credited with saving millions of lives, and in 1970, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today’s food-versus-fuel debate has a new element since 1970: growing concern about global climate change. Count Borlaug as a skeptic. “I do believe we are in a period where, no question, the temperatures are going up,” he said.  “But is this a part of another one of those (natural) cycles that have brought on glaciers and caused melting of glaciers?”

So Borlaug, now 93, watches with dismay as ever-greater amounts of the world’s grain are turned into motor fuel for developed nations. It isn’t going to solve our energy problems, and it’s going to disrupt our food system,” Borlaug said Thursday.  See full story here (you will need to create a free account).

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