Frozen in Time
May 12, 2007
Solar Cylces 24 and 25 and Predicted Climate Response

David Archibald, Energy & Environment, 2006

The past solar cycle was 20% less than the two prior cycles. The current cycle is proving much longer than any in recent decades and longer cycles usually are associated with lowered solar activity. As we have indicated most projections for the next cycle(s) are for a continued decline (See Lund Forecasts Cycle 24). Quiet cycles historically have been associated with widespread global cooling.

David Archibold in Energy & Environment reports on what quiet cycles 24 and 25 might mean for temperatures. Here is the abstract. 

Projections of weak solar maxima for solar cycles 24 and 25 are correlated with the terrestrial climate response to solar cycles over the last three hundred years, derived from a review of the literature. Based on solar maxima of approximately 50 for solar cycles 24 and 25, a global temperature decline of 1.5C is predicted to 2020, equating to the experience of the Dalton Minimum.


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