Political Climate
Apr 24, 2007
Canada Joins Anti-Kyoto Block

This week’s announcement by the Canadian government—that it may join a U.S.-led coalition focused on voluntary emissions cuts—could be part of a global shift away from Kyoto’s binding targets.

In a somewhat surprising development, Canada, a long-time supporter of the Kyoto Protocol, announced that it may want to join the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6), a six-nation coalition focusing on voluntary emission-reduction steps and technology transfers. Many environmentalists oppose AP6 out of a fear that it may undermine political support for the legally binding Kyoto treaty.  Read full story here

Apr 23, 2007
On Earth Day, Remember the Humans

Today, America’s environment is cleaner—and Earth Day has indeed helped ensure that. Earth Day allowed Congress to pass grandly-titled laws and claim enormous credit for environmental battles that had, for the most part, already been fought and won.  But our environmental impulses also have a dark side.

On Earth Day, we should renew our promise to keep the environment clean—without adding to human misery or stalling improvements in the human condition. See Remember the Humans

Apr 22, 2007
American Ruling Could Put Gas Guzzlers Off the Road

The threat of national limits on carbon dioxide emissions could kill off big macho vehicles like the Hummer and the Corvette. A decision by the US Supreme Court could signal the beginning of the end of America’s love affair with big cars, pickup trucks and gas-guzzling 4x4s. 

The news that the EPA could set nationwide carbon-dioxide limits comes at a bad time for the big three American carmakers — Chrysler, Ford and General Motors - which are all in financial trouble and not ready with rivals for cars like the Toyota Prius petrol-electric hybrid.

The big three are against regulations based on the carbon-dioxide emissions of individual vehicles. General Motors chairman Rick Wagoner said: “We have had Cafe for 30 years and it doesn’t work.” He calls for a different strategy to control carbon dioxide, adopting a higher proportion of renewable fuels, such as bio-ethanol made in America from corn.

See Gas Guzzlers

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