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Apr 20, 2007
Long, Hard Alaskan Winter Threatens Salmon

Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association (KRAA) executive director Kevin Brennan said “This March was very similar to some of those very cold winters we had in the ’70s. There is the potential it is going to affect the pink salmon production specifically, and possibly some of the other species of salmon..I can say there was more ice and the ice was on rivers longer than I had ever seen in my 15 years of working with pink salmon in Kodiak.” Byrne said he hopes this is not the beginning of a trend.  (editors note: the Pacific is about due for a major reversal back to the pattern of the 50s into the 1970s. See Ocean Cycle blog.) See Kodiak Daily Mirror story here

image Image shows December to March 2006/07 temperature anomalies for Alaska as much as 6F below normal

Apr 17, 2007
Blair and Merkel lean on Bush to join battle against climate change

President George Bush is coming under unprecedented pressure from Tony Blair and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to agree to tough new international measures to stop global warming accelerating out of control.
The measures are contained in a strongly worded draft communiqué for June’s G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany which warns that “tackling climate change is an imperative, not a choice”.

It adds that if “resolute and concerted international action” is not “urgently” taken, global warming will become “largely unmanageable”. The United States and Canada are resisting key elements of the draft, but Mrs Merkel is determined not to water it down. She is backed by the Prime Minister, who is ringing Mr Bush weekly to try to persuade him to change his position.
See full story here

Apr 13, 2007
Human-caused global warming – the need for re-assessment

"I am at the US headquarters of the Ocean Drilling Programme at Texas A&M University, studying seabed cores from the southwest Pacific Ocean....For more than 90 per cent of recent geological time, the cores show that the earth has been colder than today. We modern humans are lucky to live towards the end of the most recent of the intermittent, and welcome, warm interludes. It is a 10,000 year-long period called the Holo-cene, during which our civilisations have evolved and flourished.” See full story of UK Telegragh article

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