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Sep 15, 2011
Al Gore’s new message

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Morano: ‘No matter the weather, it’s just what global warmists would have expected. It is now akin to predictions of Mayan calendar or Nostradamus...But, the science is clear: Big tornadoes are on decline since 1970s, hurricane activity is near 40 year lows, sea level is dropping...polar bears (doing fine), Mt. Kilimanjaro gaining ice. From A-Z, Gore has egg on his face when it comes to man-made global warming’


By Lorrie Goldstein ,Toronto Sun

Question: Who said the following?

“Climate change is not your fault for the car you drive, the lights you turn on, or the food you eat.” The CEO of Exxon Mobil?  Republican Gov. Rick Perry? George Bush? Stephen Harper? Sarah Palin? The League of Extraordinary Climate Deniers?

Nope. It was green mega-millionaire Al Gore, no doubt well on his way to becoming the world’s first carbon billionaire.

So be sure to clip that quotation out and post it on your (not responsible for climate change, either) fridge and freezer.

I read this startling new information on the home page of Gore’s latest 24-hour “Climate Reality Project”, which started Wednesday evening on the web, prelude, no doubt, to his never-ending speaking tours (Toronto stop, Oct. 13, Roy Thomson Hall, tickets now on sale).

All this as Gore continues to wing and SUV his way around the planet, leading a high-consumption, luxury lifestyle and a carbon footprint in his wake that would choke a dinosaur.

In addition to his many green investments, Gore has become a mini-industry - a never-ending fount of books, movies, web projects and speechifying - where his latest hot air eruption was to describe climate skeptics as comparable to racists in the U.S. south in the 1950s. Nice.

Gore’s “it’s not your fault” quotation is odd, because it’s out of character for his green acolytes, who do indeed blame you (but not themselves) for causing climate change by driving, eating and using electricity, and who generally don’t like humanity very much. Or rather, they love humanity. It’s just people they can’t stand.

That is, they blame you (but not themselves), if you live in the developed world, like Canada, or the U.S. If you live in the developing world, like China or India, you get a free pass from Gore’s salvation road show.

My guess is Gore has figured out blaming people for, um, living, and doing terrible things to the planet like heating their homes in winter in Winnipeg, is a downer when it comes to fundraising.

So now, Gore’s offering us an easy way out.

As he informs us in his Climate Reality video, hey, we’re not responsible for polluting the Earth (whew!) ‹ it’s those big, bad oil and coal companies that have hidden the truth about climate change.

So all you have to do is sign up and make a donation to Gore’s traveling salvation road show and you can drive, eat and flick those lights on and off with a clear conscience.

Because you’re not responsible for climate change.

Just one catch.

Pricing carbon

What Gore is really trying to do is get governments around the world to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions, either through a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade market, a carbon tax by another name.

And if he ever succeeds, he’s going to be even richer than he is now. Way richer.

And you? You’ll be paying a lot more to drive your car, light your home and eat your food, making you poorer.

Then again, the poor are the greatest environmentalists on Earth.

Since they don’t buy or eat much, live in high-density rental housing, walk or take public transit and don’t drive or fly, their carbon footprints are tiny.

See how this all works?

H/T Marc Morano


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