Political Climate
Jan 10, 2007
Dr. Mitchell K. Taylor’s letter regarding polar bears and the U.S. Endangered Species Act

The future is always uncertain, and it is appropriate to be concerned about the effects of
climate change, development, and contaminants on arctic wildlife, including polar bears.
However, the Center for Biological Diversity and associated interest groups (e.g.,
Greenpeace) do not acknowledge the existing research and management structures and
initiatives in place to ensure that polar bear populations persist in perpetuity.
Identification of an effect on one population out of 20 is not sufficient to declare a species
headed for extinction; the evidence presented by the proponents does not meet the criteria
of the test for the Endangered Species Act category: “Threatened.”

See Letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife

May 12, 2006
The sun is warmer now than for the past 11,400 years

The Stern report predicted dire economic and social effects of unchecked global warming. In what many will see as a highly controversial polemic, Christopher Monckton disputes the ‘facts’ of this impending apocalypse and accuses the UN and its scientists of distorting the truth Monckton Telegraph story

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