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Aug 10, 2011
Joe Bastardi Calls Manmade CO2 Global Warming “An Obvious Fraud”


Tom Nelson reported Joe Romm of Think Progress spouted off after Joe Bastardi’s Saturday morning FOX appearance in which he was asked to comment on CO2 and global climate changes. “Joe Bastardi Pulls a Charlie Sheen on Fox News, Pushing “Utter Nonsense” on Climate Science”. Joe proves again why he and Heidi Cullen (and throw in Obama) are the worst investments the billionair George Soros ever made.

Joe R. began :Those who watched Fox News over the weekend were treated to a brief but ambitious science lesson on “Why CO2 Can’t Cause Warming”:Oh boy. Let’s take these one at a time.” He went on to show how little Romm knows about climate. Gore also sounded off in obscenties this weekend.  A new Rasmussen poll shows the American public trusts the objectivity and credibility of impassioned global warming “scientists” about as much as used car salesmen, and boy is Al Gore ticked. If Michele Bachmann is Newsweek‘s Queen of Rage, Al Gore must be America’s potty-mouthed King of Bizarre Temper Tantrums.

While the sinking credibility of activist scientists is primarily due to documented scientific misconduct, it can’t help that the public face of global warming alarmism is an increasingly bizarre, tantrumatic potty-mouth who habitually lectures down to the American people like they are morally inferior beings. I am not a big cheerleader for the “Sky Is Falling” global warming campaign, but I can’t help but offer the following advice: You really need to get yourselves a new spokesperson. Tom Nelson.

Joe Bastardi responded…

The PDO changes, sunspot activity is down from the max around 2000. The Earths temps level out and co2 continues to rise. To the folks at climate progress.. if co2 is causing the temperature rise, why is it the temperatures have leveled off while co2 continues to rise, and the other 2 forcing mechanisms have changed. Where are the trapping hot spots at 400mb? Where is the positive feedback? Why is the temperature not in any of the IPCC ranges issued 20 years ago? Even Phil Jones admitted there has been no warming, so how can co2 be the cause? Where is the heat.. The ocean bottom, a cave somewhere? And how is it the satellites say it fine after the PDO switched to warm, but cant find it now?

By The way, I didnt see Joe Rohm or any of my other accusers in my thermodynamic classes at Penn State where I earned a degree in the University’s prime, graduating 2/3 rds of the worlds meteorologists at the time. To my friends at climate progress, media matters, etc, its a simple test.. If the earth’s temps fall back to where they were in the 70s by 2030, because of the changes in the oceanic cycles, which have been warm since the start of the satellite era, then what we are seeing now will be proven, co2 has nothing to do with it. If temps rise, in the face of the major drivers that have turned around ( oceanic, solar) as measured by OBJECTIVE SATELLITE MEASUREMENTS, WHICH WE HAVE ONLY HAD SINCE THE 70S) then co2 has something, if not almost everything to do with it. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. There is no answer you will admit to being wrong. I will at least admit I am wrong if my simple test doesn’t do what i say. Mine involves logic, reason, and basic laws of science, and as I said before, I did not see any of my critics in any meteorology or atmospheric chemistry class.

So that is my challenge. Temps have leveled off, co2 is continuing to rise. If you cant admit you are wrong about that, let us all know what we have to see for you to admit you are wrong.

I suspect we wont get an answer, since everything that happens, even if it cools, will be an answer they will claim they were right about

And by the way, Quit lying about me. I am all for any and all energy use that will make our world cleaner and energy cheaper. I am all for energy independence. I could care less where it comes from, because you still have to know if its going to be cold or warm, and how much you need to use. Windfarms for instance are a meteorologists dream since not only do they need to know the result of the weather, but the actual weather, so its a first and second derivative. The same with the solar ideas. Personally , I like the idea of on site wind and solar sufficiency, empowering your own home to reduce cost, but to me this is a forecast. Obviously for you its something completely different, and because it is, it is you, not me, that doesn’t take the facts into account.


By P Gosselin on 8. August 2011

First, regrettably, while I was on holidays in the US, Joe Bastardi sent me something he wanted posted and it wasn’t until this morning that I discovered it in my spam. So I’m a little late getting this out, and maybe this already got published at other sites in the meantime. Oh well, in any case, without further ado, here it is. Joe has got some questions.

How Do The AGW People Get Away With This?
By Joe Bastardi

A few graphics make the position of the AGW people completely absurd. It’s why I am so confident as to my position on this matter, and by the way it does have something to do with the weather because if you know where the weather has been, you have a better chance to know where it’s going.

Exhibit one, from my co-partner here at WeatherBell Joe D’Aleo ( I wonder if we will share the same cell when the warmingistas come to get us. And will they let us have the same tattoo artist to brand us deniers?)


PDO and AMO are strongly correlated to the earths temps…now watch CO2 vs temps over the past century:


Even more damming than this, look at the past 10 years:


Or the last 15 years:

Which leads to the question: How do these people have any credibility? How do they get away with this?  It’s mind boggling that its gotten to a point where the EPA is dictating policy based on what is an obvious fraud, or if you want to be gentle about it, creates enough doubt to back off.

Here is something to consider.

Over a year ago I advised a client of mine at the time to purchase less air conditioners than for 2010 because the summer of 2011 would be cooler than the summer of 2010. Now there is talk that this is going to turn out like last summer, but assuming it won’t, the forecast was made. BEFORE LAST SUMMER. The client had to put in their order for air conditioners a year beforehand because they were ordering them FROM CHINA.

Now every red blooded American gets up in arms because all those jobs should be here in USA, right?  But why aren’t they? Well in large part because of policy that is based on absurdities like this, a factory making anything here is now being clamped down on by the EPA so hard, so why bother? Its like Obama said:  ” So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all the greenhouse gas that will get emitted”.

That is a direct quote and is like his energy Sec saying that they seek to take away choices that people waste their money on. Astounding that things like that are being pushed by people in control, or that they even got control in the first place. That is our fault, based on what is obviously flat out nonsense. But combine that with labor costs, and the fact the that the corporate tax rate in the US is higher than China, which few people in our nation seem to get, and this is what happens.

Now let’s say we wanted to make sure that a person here working in an air conditioner factory can make a decent wage from a helping hand ( how do like my populist line…from the Ghost of Tom Joad?) Well, get rid of the EPA running roughshod over factory owners, and lower the corporate tax rate to below China’s ( it is so hard to believe that Chinese tax rates are lower) and you will find that companies will stay here and pay a decent wage to build air conditioners, But not if you are clamping down on people based on questionable, don’t-have-a-leg-to-stand-on ideas about co2 warming the planet.

Again, it defies logic as to how they got to where they did with this issue, and the facts are there for all to see.

Joe Bastardi runs the professional weather services company Weather BELL Analytics LLC together with Joe D Aleo.

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