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May 09, 2014
Recent UNH UCS Press Release raised similar claims to NCA - see our rebuttal

A team of 14 scientists rebutted these scare points raised by the UCS - see our press release and detailed rebuttal. A similar effort, taking a different approach than other rebuttals is being made for the equally flawed NCA report - to be posted this weekend.



(1) “The resulting reports detail how the state has been getting warmer and wetter over the last century, how the rate of change has increased over the last four decades, and how those trends will likely continue over the 21st century.”

(2) “Annual average precipitation may increase 14 to 20 percent across the state. Precipitation events that drop more than four inches of precipitation in 48 hours are projected to increase two to three fold.”

(3) “More frequent extreme precipitation events combined with development in our watersheds will likely lead to more frequent and larger flooding events.”

(4) “Average annual temperatures may rise as much as 4 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit across the state.”

(5) “Summer temperatures may experience the most dramatic change, up 11 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The frequency of extreme heat days is projected to increase dramatically, and the hottest days will be hotter, impacting human health, infrastructure, and the electrical grid.”

(6) “Extreme cold temperatures may occur less frequently, and extreme cold days may be warmer than in the past.”

(7) “Warming winters will reduce opportunities for snow- and ice-related recreation (and related economic activity).”

(8) “The growing season may get longer, which may provide opportunities for farmers to grow new crops. However, many existing crops will likely experience yield losses associated with increased frequency of high temperature stress, an increase in soil erosion and crop failure resulting from more frequent extreme precipitation events, inadequate winter chill period for optimum fruiting, and increased pressure from invasive weeds, insects, or disease.”

(9) “We’ve already bought several decades of climate change because of all the CO2 in the atmosphere. But the most effective way to deal with change in the climate is to reduce carbon pollution.”


April 29, 2014


UNH and Union of Concerned Scientist Report is Wrong on the Facts

14 Prominent Scientists and Academics Refute Claims with Historical Data

CONCORD, NH - Today a group of prominent scientists and meteorologists called into question the findings of a recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the University of New Hampshire, “Climate Change in New Hampshire: Past, Present, and Future.”

“It is disappointing that New Hampshire’s leading University has chosen to publish a report which is not grounded on actual facts, but on conjecture,” stated Joe D’Aleo. ‘The authors have based all of their findings on the failed climate models. Scientists like Dr. John Christy and Dr. Judith Curry have written extensively on the failure of the climate models and how the projections fall below accepted levels of scientific significance. UNH and the UCS blindly hold to the model forecasts for their projections, despite the models incredibly poor track record.

Citing data from numerous national and global climate resources, the group identified nine specific claims that actual data refutes. This includes claims about extreme weather, changes in New Hampshire’s temperatures, reduction in our snowfall and changes in our agricultural production. All of these claims are contradicted by the facts.

“We cannot understand how scientists can use these flawed models as the basis for their projections,” continued Mr. D’Aleo. “Just as concerning is how these scientists do not provide policy makers and elected officials a fair and unbiased representation of what is going on with our weather and climate. Our brief report can provide decision makers with a better understanding of our climate through actual data instead of the conjecture provided by UNH and the UCS.”

See full report here

See also my weekly Weather Whys and Climate Wise local story “Sitting on the world’s greatest supply of gas and oil, we may face shortages because of green energy policies”. I heard from a Canadian today, electricity bills in Ontario, where policies enacted by Maurice Strong who pushed for the IPCC and one world government has sent their energy costs sky high reaching $1000/month. Ontario also banned the use of wood and wood pellet stoves. Here in this country, hyper hypocrite, Tom Steyer, who made his billions trading coal, is offering millions in support for democrats who will fight the Keystone pipeline or rail or truck transport of the oil we need. Meanwhile Harry is obsessed with the Koch brothers and fear over the loss of his Senate leadership but defends his billionaires in Nevada and the Soros family as well meaning when their goal is to destroy our economy and wrestle more control and ultimately achieve their long time goal of one world government.

People are beginning to wake up. We need your help. Art Horn has a program to open eyes and minds and has ben invited to talk to some high schools here in the state, but they don’t have the budget to pay expenses. Please donate even small amounts so we can have him come and speak to maybe several hundred young people (teachers and others on the outside will be invited) later this month. He has to travel 4 hours and set aside forensic and other work for the day which p[ay his bills. Thanks.

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