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Feb 02, 2017
The Left Ignores Newest Climate Science

By: Dennis T Avery

We’re told “the science is settled” on global warming. “97 percent of scientists” agree that humans are to blame. Meanwhile, climate models continue to predict nearly three times as much warming as is recorded on earth Why the huge disparity?  CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Physics) says now it knows.

In 2015, London’s Express carried a startling headline on CERN’s recent study of interactions between cosmic rays and the clouds that let varying degrees of solar heat warm our planet. “Has climate change been disproved? Mankind’s burning of fossil fuels may not be the primary cause of global warming..."The Express ventured that the experiment “might turn the whole climate change debate and projected temperature increases upside down.”
The rest of the media - and the alarmists - ignored CLOUD.

Now, CERN has just informed its community of researchers that its CLOUD Experiment suggests “estimates of high climate sensitivity [to CO2 changes] may have to be revised downwards.” That is lead author, Ken Carslaw, quoted in the CERN Courier (Dec., 2016).

We know, from the Old Masters’ paintings in the world’s museums, that the Medieval Warming skies were generally sunny. Little Ice Age skies, in sharp contrast, were painted as heavily overcast. Researchers also agree that in the years since the intense cold of the Maunder Minimum, the sun strongly (but erratically) increased its sunspot average. (The more sunspots the warmer the earth.) The average day in 1710 had only three sunspots. By 2000, the average was up to 114!

But what links sunspots and the changes in cloudiness?

In 2008, Henrik Svensmark of the Danish Space Institute filled a cloud chamber with the earth’s atmospheric gases, and turned on a UV light to mimic the sun’s ultraviolet heat. He was amazed at how fast the chamber filled with myriad tiny cloud seed particles.

CLOUD used a particle accelerator and a super-clean cloud chamber to carry Svensmark’s experiment to the next level. CLOUD found that the computers had underestimated the cloudiness of the Little Ice Age, because they completely failed to understand the dramatic impact of the ionized cloud seed particles created by cosmic rays! The ionization attracts other molecules in the atmosphere, so the cloud seeds grow instead of evaporating,

In a related Nature article, CERN’s Jasper Kirkby says that ions from cosmic rays increase the number of cloud seeds by one to two orders of magnitude.  In addition, the ionized clouds reflect more solar heat back into space - and they’re longer-lasting.  The cloud variations thus amplify the sun’s variability! The clouds, in effect are the earth’s thermostats - and the IPCC has admitted it can’t model them!

Another climate factor has also confused us. The 60-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation - not recognized until 1996 - tricked us into believing, during the 1970s, that we faced another Ice Age; then, after 1988 we worried about a parboiled planet; now, we have the “inexplicable” pause in our global warming through the past 20 years. This non-warming will likely last at least until 2030. When the warming resumes, it will be significant but not dangerous.

Does this latest science spell the end of the world’s horribly expensive CO2 panic? Why aren’t the Left and the media welcoming this new high-tech science as eagerly as they did the computer models that failed?

Statistician Bjorn Lomborg just estimated we’d have to spend $100 trillion on renewables to cut global warming by merely 0.3 degree in 2100 - -assuming the computer models are correct. Can President Trump’s doubts about man-made warming save us from Lomborg’s pattern of terrifying waste?

Dennis T. Avery documented the long, natural Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle with co-author S. Fred Singer in Unstoppable Glial Warming Every 1,500 Years. 2007. His forthcoming book details why most ancient cultures collapsed in “little ice ages.” He has degrees from Michigan State and Wisconsin.

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