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Thursday, October 29, 2009
A Nickel a Day

By Joseph D’Aleo, ICECAP

Be in the “Nick” of time to help ICECAP thwart climate change madness that threatens us all!

See below for how your NICKEL can promote a brighter future

Last week it was announced that George Soros pledged $1.1 billion to fund “Climate Change initiatives”. That money will be used to provide strong incentive (TV ads, funding for alarmist web sites, cable special programs and possibly direct financial support (like ENRON tried with Kyoto) to congress and industry barons) to force Cap-and-Tax down our throats and to incent support for a UN treaty that would oblige the US to the US to accept the UN’s view as to how our money should be redistributed globally in reparation for our sins the last century in bringing the world the technological advances it enjoys today.

Meanwhile, while an increasing number of NGOs and organizations are lining up expecting to benefit mightily from Soros et al’s beneficence and our government’s support (another misuse of our tax dollars as we have seen the last decade), most charities that help the poor and needy and non-profit organizations committed to reporting the truth about the environment, energy and the climate are struggling.

People are scared. Those who are employed are finding they have less disposable income, the equity in their homes and their investments have shrunk.  More and more families feel loss of disposable income and millions are out of work and in danger of losing their homes and possessions. 

If talk radio, cable, non-profit organizations and the internet doesn’t get the word out and stop the madness in DC, taxes will skyrocket and even more people will be out of a job, the dollar’s value will collapse and a super inflationary period like we saw in the 1970s or worse may take place.

Senators from both parties have admitted cap-and-trade is a huge tax, very likely the biggest in history. It is a regressive tax affecting lower and middle income, who can least afford it the most. The administration’s internal memos suggest Cap and Trade would cost families $1,761 a year. The Heritage Foundation estimated a family of four would pay an additional $4,609 per year by 2035, with additional job losses rising to nearly 2.5 million.

Many of us lived through a period a few decades ago with 20% inflation and high unemployment and know what kind of pressure that puts on young families and seniors on fixed income. (I was a young college professor then with small children).

Most charities and non-profit organizations are reportedly struggling as more people hold back on donations.  If we don’t get the word out and congress proceeds with their green agenda (for them dollars not the environment), more people will be out of a job, and all of us will be in more of a financial bind than we already are. 

ICECAP is a C3 non-profit organization, meaning all contributions are tax deductible. In the early days we received small grants from small think tanks and individuals to get us going. Since then we have been relying mainly on individual donations. We have reached a lot of people here in the United States and indeed the world (25 countries). We have topped 10,250,000 visits to the site over the past and average 125,000 visits per week. We are making a difference and want to do more.

If you use our site regularly please consider a small donation ($20 a year would be just over a nickel a day) to help us spread the REAL truth about climate change.


Every week, Icecap representatives are on the road giving presentations about the hoax of human induced global warming, sometimes traveling long distances at their own expense.  As you know, we add dozens of new posts each week (we have over 3500 stories in our searchable cold storage archives). We have assembled a top notch team of volunteer board members who collectively possess a great deal of video production experience that we would like to apply to the creation of videos (DVDs and youtube) and training materials and give more talks. We have a national indeed international network of experts that we can provide material to extend our reach but we need your help.  Thank you very much for any financial support, no matter how small, for these efforts and for getting involved in your community by spreading the word to your family, friends, neighbors and your representatives. (PDF)

Donation button is on the left for secure donations through Paypal or write me at for address if you prefer mail. Remember for US citizens, your donations are tax deductible.

Update: Thank you for your considerable support. We appreciate it.

I was on the agenda at the Southern New England Weather Conference on October 24th along with Kerry Emanuel back to back. Both our presentations should be posted on-line and dnowloadable. We will let you know when. I also participated in an international meeting Climate Change, The Solar Weather Technique and the Future of Forecasting Conference at Imperial College in London on October 28.  Here are the opening remarks by Piers Corbyn, We Stand for Evidence Based Science and remarks by Sammy Wilson, DUP MP here.

My powerpoint follows as PDF in two parts: Part 1, Part 2. All the presentations will be available soon here.

Posted on 10/29 at 08:57 PM
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