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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Anniversary for Icecap

By Joseph D’Aleo

This month marks the first anniversary for Icecap. We have been growing steadily, almost exponentially. We had 500,000 hits in 2007 and 2,000,000 already in 2008. Unlike the alarmist blogs with blank checks from large environmental public relations corporations and foundations to spread the Gospel according to Gore, the climate realist blogs depend on small contributions from their readers. We received a large enough contribution from one private investor to get the site off the ground last year and incorporate. Since then we have been counting on donations from you our readers. Thanks to all of you who have donated over the last year.

It is for the most part a one man show like most blogs. I have to pay the bills so must do other projects, consulting, forecast and business development but try and put a few hours each day into keeping Icecap updated.  Hopefully the site will continue to grow and donations will allow me to spend more and more time on writing blogs, and upgrade the site and I believe importantly, involve more of our experts on our site and support their efforts in the community on getting the truth heard.

Al Gore has his trained robots out there spreading his flawed message. Unfortunately his movie and many of our schools are indoctrinating and frankly frightening students into believing life as we know it is in jeopardy from this warming (never mind it stopped 10 years ago). Already the minor unneccesary steps taken have driven oil and food prices up to record levels (food prices reported to show the greatest increases in 17 years). Some of the proposed legislation in congress and steps taken or planned in the states threaten to put millions our of work and drive the costs of energy and food up sky high affecting the people who can least afford it the most.  Suggestions how to best fight these actions are always welcomed.  We will do our best to get the true story to you.

Our members and guest bloggers all acknowledge man plays a role in the climate through urbanization (population grew from 1.5 to 6.5 billion since 1900), land use changes like deforestation and to a small degree through our addition of gases and aerosols). We don’t trust the surface station data where siting of the majority of stations has been shown by Anthony Watts and his team of volunteers and Roger Pielke Sr. to be poor or very poor with a significant warm bias. We don’t trust the ever hanging adjustments made to the raw data by NOAA, GISS and Hadley. Thankfully we have satellite and buoy data as ground truth. They will show us when Hansen is out of line.  We think and have shown the sun and oceans play a far more important role that is intentionally ignored because we can’t control or regulate them and make money from those efforts.

The $5 billion spent on global warming research and climate modeling should be spent instead on trying to understand the various ways the sun and oceans change and affect our climates. Understanding these factors will help us do a better job forecasting where climate really will be heading. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center years ago decided climate models were the way to go and could be relied on to forecast the climate many months into the future, Over time, they recognized that the statistical models based on ENSO and other factors verified better because these climate models had issues forecasting the ocean changes (and solar influences) and they changed their focus to those statistical models, downplaying their climate models. I firmly believe statistical approaches using the PDO, AMO and solar cycles can do a better job in predicting future decades than the climate models. Also a better understanding of the sun’s real forcing and ocean processes at work would make the climate models in time more reliable. 

The science is not settled, there is no consensus. As Michael Crichton said it so well “Historically the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels: it is a way to claim to avoid debate by claiming the matter is already settled.” George Orwell said “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth become revolutionary”. Revolution anyone?

Please help support Icecap and the other blogs often linked to here who are presenting the other side of the story the mainstream media refuses to report on so you can make informed decisions.

Posted on 04/15 at 05:02 PM
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