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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Battling radical alarmists in the local media

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow

UPDATE: See The Real Climate Crisis is Not Global Warming By Allan MacRae and Joseph D’Aleo here.


I have been doing battle in the local newspaper here in NH with a warmist Shawn Freeman, who claimed I was a charlatan, a well known denier who is bought and paid for by big oil and the Koch Brothers and not a scientist or climatologist because real scientists and climatologists must follow the accepted climate theories and models and publish any challenging work in journals like Nature. I rebutted in detail here and also had a letter posted defending me and my career work by a former student who went on to get a PhD in meteorology and had a great career in the AIr Force including as meteorological support for the space shutle program. But the politically driven attack continued.

Shawn came back at me saying I was denying the long standing work of Arrhenius and cherry picking data.  The paper would not let me rebut that attack on my credentials. We will do a cable show on this issue showing how the warmists work to silence dissenting voices while just riding the natural cycles in weather using the cooling in the 1970s and then the warming into the 1990s while riding the media coverage of every extreme event to push their agenda that hopes to control energy (and health) and in that way control all aspects of our lives.

I have managed Icecap for 12 years while I worked 3 different careers. We rely on you, the readers to help us just pay our costs of keeping the site going - over $500/year. I took losses in recent years though do appreciate the contributions people have given to help defer some of the costs. Please help if you can with a donation (secure PAYPAL button on the left) or an offer to co-author stories and help market the site. ( I still work 7 days/week at Weatherbell Analytics.

That second rejected rebuttal I submitted is below:

Dr. Richard Feynman, the famous Cornell physicist said in support of the scientific method “If a theory or proposed law disagrees with experiment (data), it’s wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science. It doesn’t make any difference how beautiful your guess is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are who made the guess, or what your name is… If it disagrees with data, it’s wrong. That’s all there is to it.”

I never stated CO2 was not a greenhouse gas. But it is what we call a trace gas - 0.04% by volume compared to up to 4% for water vapor, which is responsible for 95% of greenhouse effect. Warm, humid days are warm, muggy nights. Also, CO2 is close to being maxed out in terms of its minor heat trapping...Shawn’s inference is that it is unlimited. CO2 is not a thick down comforter, more like an incredibly thin gossamer sheet.

And it is beneficial gas. Dr. Craig Idso of CO2 Science which was entrusted by NOAA with the first temperature data set around 1990 and was lead author of the multi-volume NIPCC study that reviewed over 4000 peer reviewed studies noted recently “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and it is most certainly not causing dangerous global warming. Rather, its increase in the atmosphere is invigorating the biosphere, producing a multitude of benefits for humanity and the natural world, notwithstanding the prognostications of the uninformed.”

Charles Brooks observed in the Compendium of Meteorology (1951), that the CO2 theory of climate change, advanced by Arrhenius, “was never widely accepted and was abandoned when it was found that all the long-wave radiation absorbed by CO2 is also absorbed by water vapor.” He considered the observed rise in both CO2 and global temperatures (1920s-1950s) documented to be nothing more than a “coincidence.”

Indeed CO2 follows not leads temperatures on short and long time frames as oceans, the primary storehouse of CO2, give off CO2 when they warm, and absorb it when they cool.

Overall, the urban heat island is a far more significant anthropogenic factor than CO2.  You hear it every night on local TV forecasts. It was adjusted for in the first US data set in 1989. Tom Karl Director of NCDC said if they didn’t, an artificial warming of 6F/century would result. He was pressured to remove it in version 2 a decade ago to get the appearance of warming the government wanted.

It is clear from your fiery letters, you did not read my reply nor look at the detailed analysis I linked to here prepared by experts, most from the universities and even UN IPCC scientists, that shows the 13 climate extreme claims are all wrong. Heat records have declined since the 1930s.  This was the second quietest decade for landfalling hurricanes and major hurricanes since 1850. This was the quietest decade for tornadoes since tracking began in the 1950s. Sea level rises have slowed to 4 inches/century globally. Arctic ice has tracked with the 60-year ocean cycles and is similar to where it was in the 1920s to 1950s. NOAA could find no evidence of increased frequency of floods and droughts (this spring had the smallest % of US in drought on record). Snow which the university scientists here predicted would disappear, actually has set new records (fall and winter) for the hemisphere and North America, and both Boston and NYC have had more snow in the 10 years ending 2018 than any other 10 year period back to the late 1880s.

I described in my first rebuttal to Shawn (page 14 here my journey over five decades working with data and government and university scientists to understand how natural cycles in the oceans and on the sun along with volcanism drive the observed cycles in temperatures and weather globally.

I authored a book in 2002 on El Nino and La Nina for Greenwood Publishing and produced a series of 10 scientific peer reviewed papers on the effects of the ocean, solar factors and volcanism (which cools the earth by blocking sunlight) and also on the nearly impossible task of reconstructing accurate global temperature trends from very sparse imperfect data. They appeared in journals and two editions of Evidence Based Climate Science.

I developed and successfully used in industry statistical models for forecasting based on these inputs. I also participated in peer reviewed correlation studies that explained all the observed variances with natural factors with a high level of statistical significance.

One of my colleagues in response to your rebuttal wrote me “It is worth noting that the field of climatology is very new...only a couple of decades old, really.  People who call themselves climatologists come from a wide array of educational backgrounds, and most of those backgrounds do not include the study, monitoring, or history of our atmosphere...According to Shawn, all you have to do is have something published in NATURE to become a beacon of unassailable credibility, which is ludicrous.”

Meanwhile the greenhouse computer models are failing miserably - overstating the warming by a factor of 3. The only model that comes close to matching satellite-derived temperatures is a Russian one that minimizes the greenhouse effect and includes solar.


When warming stopped for 18 plus years. UN IPCC Lead Author Kevin Trenberth in a 2014 paper in Nature, acknowledged the ‘pause’ was explained by influences of natural factors like El Nino, ocean cycles.

Dr. Cliff Mass, UWA professor who believes as I do that both man and nature play a role in weather and climate described a group that is preventing the proper application of the scientific method to understand and prepare properly for climate changes.

He observed “they are mainly on the political left, are highly partisan, anxious and often despairing, self-righteous, big on blame and social justice, and willing to attack those that disagree with them. They often distort the truth when it serves their interests.  They also see social change as necessary for dealing with global warming, requiring the very reorganization of society.”

You went ad hominem twice - attacked me as a bought-and-paid-for charlatan, when 2 trillion dollars has fed the global warmist monster not funding climate realists like me. Like my scientist friends, I chose not to give-in for monetary gains but work with my colleagues to uncover the truth so our leaders make the right decisions about energy and economic policies. 

You said I cherry picked quotes using UN . I quoted what he said exactly as reported in the global press. 

Petteri Taalas, the secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), told the Talouselama magazine in Finland that he disagrees with doomsday climate extremists who call for radical action to prevent a purported apocalypse.

Talaas said that establishment meteorological scientists are under increasing assault from radical climate alarmists who are attempting to move the mainstream scientific community in a radical direction. He expressed specific concern with some of the solutions promoted by climate alarmists, including calls for couples to have no more children.

“While climate skepticism has become less of an issue, now we are being challenged from the other side. Climate experts have been attacked by these people and they claim that we should be much more radical. They are doomsters and extremists. They make threats,” Taalas said.

“The latest idea is that children are a negative thing. I am worried for young mothers, who are already under much pressure. This will only add to their burden.”

Then there are these quotes from the recent UN climate leaders:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming...would fit the bill.....It does not matter if this common enemy is “a real one invented for the purpose.” Club of Rome, advisor to the UN “First Global Revolution” 1991

UN openly Marxist Climate Chief Christine Figueres said “Our aim is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to change the global economic system (destroy capitalism).” UN IPCC Lead Author Ottmar Edenhofer in November 2010.  “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.” Instead, climate change policy is about how “we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.”


My greatest fear is if they prevail with any of the Green New Deals on the table by candidates, energy costs will skyrocket. See for yourself the numbers.

Take the monthly and annual cost of energy - electricity, gasoline, heating oil/natural gas and multiple by up to a factor of 3, which has been the case in other countries that have gone down this path.


We have a small sample of this when looking at the high prices in nutty California and the northeast with their RGGI program. NH democrats are scurrying to try and explain the high costs and concluded it is because they haven’t moved fast enough with the green agenda.


A new Green Deal package could cost up to $10,000 more/year/household. Also consider that these policies of taxing corporations and working Americans to fund medicare for all, free college benefits and the costs of open borders, unemployment now at lifetime lows will skyrocket. So you will have no jobs or reduced wages and higher costs to fund the left’s wild dreams.

When they get control the globalists show their real motives- consider beautiful Ireland.

“Nudge” policies such as huge tax hikes, as well as bans and red tape outlined in the plan, will pave the way to a “vibrant” Ireland of zero carbon emissions by 2050 according to the government, which last year committed to boosting the country’s 4.7 million-strong population by a further million with mass migration.

In order to avert a “climate apocalypse”, the government plans to force people “out of private cars because they are the biggest offenders for emissions”, according to transport minister Shane Ross whose proposals - which include banning fossil fuel vehicles from towns and cities nationwide - are posed to cripple ordinary motorists, local media reports.

Launching the plan in Dublin, leader Leo Varadkar outlined his vision for an Ireland of ‘higher density’ cities consisting of populations whose lifestyles and behaviors have been totally transformed by ‘carrot and stick’ policies outlined in the climate plan.

“Our approach will be to nudge people and businesses to change behavior and adopt new technologies through incentives, disincentives, regulations, and information,” the globalist prime minister said.

Help us crush this globalist master plan before it comes here if you can.


Dr. Craig Idso talks about the benefits of CO2 and the bad science that has led us to the precipice.

In recent years, governments and elected officials at all levels have proposed or enacted regulations and laws designed to restrict the use of fossil fuels via tax, caps or fiat limits on CO2 emissions. Such efforts are based upon the notion that CO2 emissions are polluting the atmosphere and causing dangerous global warming. However, nothing could be further from the truth. CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use have actually enhanced life and improved the standard of living, and will continue to do so as more fossil fuels are used…

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