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Thursday, April 14, 2022
Real scientists dim view of the Oregonian

Gordon Fulks and Chuck Wiese

I saw that article on the front page of today’s Oregonian.  It made me chuckle, because the unprecedented April snow and cold here has rattled the climate crowd.  They have to speak out to keep the faithful from deserting their climate religion.  So, they publish comments from one of the high priests at Oregon State University, explaining that they expected such and linking it to the Summer Solstice event we experienced last year in late June, where temperatures in the Willamette Valley reached 116 F.

In some sense, they are correct as this plot of state record high and record low temperatures shows:


Although not quite up-to-date, this plot shows that most of the state record highs and lows occurred during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, when the concentration of atmospheric CO2 in our atmosphere was considerably lower.  Hence, there is no correlation of CO2 with extreme weather events, but extremes do cluster for other reasons.

Even an update of that plot to 2022 will not show a change in the number of state record highs in 1898.  Oregon’s record high of 119 F, set that year, still stands.  The massive heat wave that we experienced last June amounted to relatively normal hot weather in Eastern Oregon and Washington spilling into the Willamette Valley at the time of year when the Sun is highest in the sky and days are longest.

It is a pity that the Oregonian is not honest enough to point out that the “expert” they quote has no degrees in the physical sciences.  Even they should know that science requires training in the areas where people claim expertise.  On the other hand, I expect that Professor Fleishman is smart enough to realize what the Oregonian refuses to mention.  Oregon State University has long received massive funding for their support of climate hysteria.  The last I looked, the Federal Government gravy train leaves them upwards of $250 million dollars every year.

Oregonian Editor Therese Bottomly was very correct when she wrote recently about “following the money” in politics.  That is essential, because this subject has become so political.

My criticism of yesterday still stands.  The Oregonian needs to quote real scientists with real degrees in the physical sciences, even if they are heavily alarmist.

Here is what I quoted from the premier climate alarmist Gavin Schmidt, PhD.  He succeeded James Hansen, PhD, at NASA/GISS in New York City.

“General statements about extremes are almost nowhere to be found in the literature but seem to abound in the popular media...It’s this popular perception that global warming means all extremes have to increase all the time, even if anyone thinks about that for ten seconds they realize that’s nonsense.”

Yes, “nonsense” is the operative word.


Gordon J. Fulks, BS, MS, PhD (All in Physics from the University of Chicago)
Corbett, Oregon USA

P.S. I am one of the directors of the CO2 Coalition, where real scientists with real expertise specialize in real science:

Note that our Chairman is the well-known Princeton University Professor of Physics WWill Happer.

Another director is the renowned PhD ecologist who helped found Greenpeace, Patrick Moore.

Our most famous meteorologist is MIT Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Richard Lindzen.

Harrison Jack Schmitt, with a PhD in Geology from Harvard University and the only scientist to have walked on the Moon, was one of our directors.


Chuck Wiese’ via Global Warming Realists wrote:

This article is preposterous rubbish! “Professor” Erica Fleishman has no academic training in atmospheric science or any earth science discipline and knows nothing about what she speaks, in fact, the opposite of what she says is true. Extreme weather IS NOT caused by “climate change” IF carbon dioxide was changing the climate as with the false claim she is asserting.

Here is the sound refutation to the incorrect paper published by Jennifer Francis and Steve Vavrus about this that I wrote about in 2016:

A Warming Arctic Would Not Cause Increased Severe Weather or Temperature Extremes -

Professor Fleishman, do you care to defend your claim? Where are you getting this nonsense that you are telling the Oregonian? Did Kale Williams quote you correctly?
These claims of yours are a complete trashing of the established principles of atmospheric science and they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are professor Fleishmans academic credentials:

Erica Fleishman | College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences | Oregon State University

She is an ecologist, not a meteorologist or atmospheric scientist. You would think (but I am not surprised) that Kale Williams and the Oregonian would seek out individuals that know something about which they speak. Professor Fleishman does not and can only quote the political body of the IPCC that has been shown to be wrong and politicized most of their claims about “climate change”.

Chuck Wiese

Here we go again!

The response from Oregon’s climate fanatics has been complete silence.  On Sunday, The Oregonian put out another of their front page headline stories on the need for “urgent climate action,” based on the latest UNIPCC report.

They added this hogwash on Tuesday.  The commitment to the Climate Crusade and OSU deceit continues unabated. 

Blistering June heat, unprecedented April snow: Climate change makes extreme weather more likely in Oregon

As heat-trapping gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere - coming from tailpipes, power plants and industrial facilities - these types of extreme weather events are likely to become more common, said Erica Fleishman, a professor at Oregon State University and director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute.

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