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Saturday, August 16, 2008
The CCSP: A New All-Time Low for NOAA

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, Fellow AMS

As Roger Pielke Sr. reported “This US Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) report is Co-Chaired by Thomas R. Karl, Jerry Melillo, and Thomas C. Peterson with the Senior Editor and Synthesis Team Coordinator Susan J. Hassol. These are the same individuals who have led past CCSP reports (e.g. see and see), with Tom Karl and Tom Peterson deliberately excluding scientific perspectives that differ from their viewpoints (i.e. see). Susan Hassol was writer of the HBO Special “Too Hot Not to Handle”. This HBO show clearly had a specific perspective on the climate change issue, and lacked a balanced perspective. The HBO Executive Producer was Ms. Laurie David. A clear real conflict of interest is obvious.”

Anthony Watts echoed Roger “To say the least, I’m shocked that NCDC’s leadership has changed from being the nation’s record keeper of weather and climatic data, to being what appears to me now as an advocacy group. The draft document reads more like a news article in many places than it does a scientific document, and unlike a scientific document, it has a number of what I would call “emotionally based graphics” in it that have nothing to do with the science.”

The hand-picked authors are all of one mind in this issue. They include Ben Santer who single handedly reversed the climate science of the IPPC 2nd Assessment and Jonathan “we have to get rid of the Medeival Warm Period” Overpeck.

Bob Davis University of Virginia suggested this preface to the CCSP:USP
“This report is not intended to be an unbiased review of climate change science; rather, it is a political document that emphasizes the worst possible theorized impacts of climate change in the hopes that the U.S. Government will use this report in support of a decision to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.”

I personally or jointly sent in 9 comments. There were hundreds of submitted comments. We have posted some on Icecap (in box “Search Icecap” insert CCSP). Another site is putting together a list of submitted comments. We will announce when that is available with link.

Comment #1: Data Integrity Problems Contaminate The Historical Record That Is The Underpinning Of The Entire Report can be found here.

Comment #2: Heat Waves can be found here.

Comment #3: Northeast Regional can be found here.

Comment #4: Key Finding #9, “The Past Can No Longer Be used to Predict the Future” can be found here.

Comment #5: “Global warming is unequivocal and is due primarily to human-induced emissions of heat-trapping gases and other pollutants” can be found here.

Comment #6: “Arctic sea ice and the large ice sheets on Greenland and parts of Antarctica are melting faster than expected” can be found here.

Comment #7: “Warming is causing sea-level to rise as land-based ice melts and the warmer oceans expand. Many of these observed changes are occurring more rapidly than projected even a few years ago” can be found here

Comment #8: NW Regional (with George Taylor) can be found here

Comment #9: Bias Towards Negative Effects While Ignoring Benefits Of Slight Warming And Increased CO2 with Madhav Khandekar can be found here.

Posted on 08/16 at 11:20 PM
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