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Saturday, November 21, 2009
The Gore War

By Art Horn, Icecap

In 2007 Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. I always thought this was strange. What’s the connection between Gore’s climate activism and the Peace Prize? How could a man with no science background write a book and make a movie about how mankind is screwing up the climate and then get a prize for promoting peace? Well it’s beginning to make sense. The Nobel was not a peace prize, it was a war prize. 

Gore’s message about how dangerous man made global warming is has been heard all over the world over and over and over again. The Third World has now gotten the message. The industrialized nations of the world produce about 70% of the carbon dioxide that goes into the air each year. Third world countries are now seeing this as hogging all the CO2 space in the air. Since the wealthy nations are belching out most of the CO2 they must also be responsible for most of the dangerous global warming. So what to do? Well the answer in the Third World appears to be “hey man you owe me”. The rich countries are causing the climate to heat up and that’s going to make a lot of trouble for poor and developing nations. Rising sea levels will flood poor coastal cities. Increased frequency of drought will cause starvation in developing countries. Diseases will spread like wildfire across poor nations. All this because of global warming caused by greedy carbon sucking rich countries. Since the Western world has hogged all the CO2 for decades there’s none left for the poor countries to use. If poor countries were to burn fossil fuels it would just make the problem worse right? Can’t do that! so in order for the developing countries to “develop” they need an alternative way to fund their growth. They can’t grow an economy based on fossil fuels because of global warming. It’s the developed worlds fault that there’s no more room in the atmosphere for any more CO2. The message to the West is pay up man you owe us for all the trouble your causing.

This brings me back to our climate savior, Al Gore. His message has been that burning fossil fuels is bad and we need to turn to cleaner ways of making energy. It’s interesting that he’s deeply invested in many companies that will make billions if not trillions if all this clean energy technology becomes mandatory. And a new climate treaty from Copenhagen will help make that happen if it’s signed and ratified by the United States. Our president is actually going to Copenhagen. If you actually read the proposed treaty it says that we (the United States) will be required to transfer billions and billions of dollars and technology to the Third World. What’s follows is language from the proposed climate treaty that will be drafted in Copenhagen in December.

In order to fulfill this shared vision, Parties have agreed to establish a coherent, cohesive and integrated system of financial and technology transfer mechanisms under the Convention and a follow up/compliance mechanism. These institutions are robust and effective.

Peace prize winner Al Gore’s message has really hit home in the developing countries. They see this transfer of money and technology as “climate debt” owed to them from us for screwing up the climate. It’s reparations for our sins and since we gobbled up all the space in the air with our carbon burning ways we owe them. It’s in the proposed treaty, read it.


So instead of bringing the world together as a peace maker and helping solve it’s problems Gore is helping to split the nations of the world apart. By selling fear of global warming he is inciting anger and rage in the poor nations against the West. By scaring people about the dangers of burning fossil fuels he is driving a carbon tipped wedge between poor countries and wealthy ones. This is not the way of a peace maker. This is the way of an opportunist who will benefit greatly from new carbon financial instruments that have come about with his help. The volume of trading in carbon products exploded after his movie hit the theaters and continues to grow today. Some estimates are that carbon trading may be the biggest thing to happen on Wall Street ever.

One must ask what happens if the industrialized nations don’t go along with Copenhagen’s climate reparations? Will that deepen the rift between the rich and the poor? more than likely. Will this inspire more frustrated young people to hate the West and find terrorism as way to vent that frustration? It’s entirely possible. Could there be forms of climate blackmail to follow? It could make an already dangerous world even more so. And we have our climate savior Al Gore to thank. Remember the need to save the world is always a front for the urge to rule it. This developing conflict for the carbon turf in the air may become known as the Gore war.  See pdf here.

“Beware of Prophets seeking Profits.”

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