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Tuesday, January 17, 2023
The Logic Of Global Warming, A.K.A. Climate Crisis, Propaganda…

By William M. Briggs

If you’ve never seen the above entire episode, I urge you to do so.

Note that in Buffalo, the more things change the more, etc. Also note the hopeful ending.

Amusing to think the propaganda in this is more accurate than the putrid stuff they serve us today. Yes, it’s another indication of decline. But then it had to be more accurate.

Consider TV in 1978. No real cable, three or four main channels, some local fare. The majority got their signals over the air. Meaning that if people tuned out, the advertising dollars dried up, and shows were canceled.

Which in turn meant network shows could not be as acerbic and outrageous as they can now, and even must be. Because even if you never watch, say, CNN, part of your cable fee still goes to them. They don’t need you to watch to prosper. So their best strategy (mimicked by both sides of the uniparty) is to build a loyal audience, a strategy that rewards more peculiar and extreme programming.

That’s not the whole of it, but it’s close enough.

And then we have that everything is now connected, which intensifies extremes.

Imagine, for instance, that you were made to watch Spock tell you every day in school that the Ice Is Coming. Not just every day in school, but in every class every day, and for every year until you graduated. Imagine Ice Doom was by mandate the focus of all subjects, directly or indirectly.

Do you think you could graduate unscathed? Do you think you could remain a skeptic of the idea that we were all going to freeze to death? Would you retain your sanity?

Or would you worry? Be fretful and nervous for the future? Would you develop climate anxiety? Would you be immune to all contrary evidence, such as warm sunny afternoons?

Washington Post headline: ”In one state, every class teaches climate change - even P.E.”

There was one minute left on Suzanne Horsley’s stopwatch and the atmosphere remained thick with carbon dioxide, despite the efforts of her third graders to clear the air.

Horsley, a wellness teacher at Toll Gate Grammar School, in Pennington, N.J., had directed the kids to toss balls of yarn representing carbon dioxide molecules to their peers stationed at plastic disks representing forests. The first round of the game was set in the 1700s, and the students had cleared the patch of playing field in under four minutes. But this third round took place in the present day, after the advent of cars, factories, electricity and massive deforestation. With fewer forests to catch the balls and longer distances to throw, the gases were accumulating faster than kids could retrieve them.

Third graders.

“In 2022, we got a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” said Horsley. “What’s the problem with it, what is it causing?”

“Global warming,” volunteered one girl.

Girls always know the right answer at that age.

Two years ago, New Jersey became the first state in the country to adopt learning standards obligating teachers to instruct kids about climate change across grade levels and subjects. The standards, which went into effect this fall, introduce students as young as kindergartners to the subject, not just in science class but in the arts, world languages, social studies and physical education. Supporters say the instruction is necessary to prepare younger generations for a world - and labor market - increasingly reshaped by climate change.

Kindergarten to graduation. All subjects.

Historically, climate change has not been comprehensively taught in U.S. schools, largely because of the partisanship surrounding climate change and many teachers’ limited grasp of the science. That started to change in 2013, with the release of new national science standards, which instructed science teachers to introduce students to climate change and its human causes starting in middle school.

Science. Science. Science.

Its no wonder we are so addled.

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