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Saturday, November 17, 2007
The Sheep Mountain Update: Another Nail in the “Hockey Stick” Coffin

Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit continues a series of excellent posts reviewing the latest futile attempts to revive the hockey stick. Go back to September 29th to see his review of the whole UCAR, Ammann Wahl debacle.

In the post on Sheep Mountain he uses the data from a University of Arizona Ph.D. thesis by Linah Ababneh (one of the reviewers of which was Hughes, one of the authors of the original MBH 1998 Hockey stick paper) to show drastically different results from the original work from the same mountain that data cores were extracted by Graybill and heavily weighted in the original MBH analysis.  Scroll back through Steve prolific posts to fill in the blanks.

Sheep Mountain (Bristlecone) Chronologies Black - Ababneh 2006; red - Graybill 1987

Since the first challenges to the hockey stick by MCintyre and McKitrick, there have been many attempts by the close-knit team of paleoclimatologists to breath life back into the hockey stick and save face for Mann but their approaches all suffer from the same fatal flaws of the original work. The new analysis by Ababneh with a much greater number of cores from Sheep Mountain and the excellent compilation of world wide peer review papers showing the Medieval Warm Period was real at CO2Science should allow the ‘hockey stick’ to finally rest in peace.




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