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Monday, December 07, 2015
There is No Global “Climate Danger”

American scientist denounces COP21 and the Plot against the Developing Countries

NASA Meteorologist and member of the Johnson Space Center Climate Group (Ret.), Tom Wysmuller was interviewed in New York by Celestin Ngoa Balla for the weekly Cameroon newspaper Journal Integration. The interview questions were translated from French into English and the replies translated back into French by the Committee for the Republic of Canada. The interview was published in French in issue No. 209 of Journal Integration on Monday, 23 November, 2015, and appears here in English with permission of Journal Integration (

Mr Wysmuller:  When did you start investigating the global climate change phenomenon and what evidence do you have to convince our readers of the seriousness, of the rigour of your work?

Thomas Wysmuller:  I’ve always had a love for Meteorology, studied it in school, and forecasted weather at the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau in Amsterdam, before working at NASA before, during, and after the Moon Landings.  Mathematics I helped develop while assigned to work at Jet Engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney is being used by most climate scientists all over the world.  In the late 1990s I started lecturing on formation of the Ice Ages; ergo the copyright on The Colder Side of Global Warming.  I continue doing so to this day, and am part of the NASA. The Right Climate Stuff (TRCS) group centered at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas.

At a recent conference in New York, you stated that after the Paris Summit on climate change, the planet will go back to the stone age. Can you demonstrate that to our readers?

Thomas Wysmuller:

The context of that assertion was that we would revert to Stone Age conditions if every proposal, change, and energy destroying wish list item would be enacted as a result of the Paris COP21 conference.  It would mean that inexpensive coal generated electricity would be barred in Africa.  Third World nations would be limited to non-utility scale wind and solar power generation. Africa, South America, and Central America would never develop continent-wide electrical grids, nor would be permitted to develop their own natural resources.  I could go on, but hopefully you are getting the idea!

In the same vein, you are also ringing the alarm bell that behind the Paris summit lies the real agenda of some of the great powers and of some notorious people: reducing Earth’s population. What are your reasons to make such a statement?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Once inexpensive electrical power is denied to those most needing it, diseases will continue taking their toll in the Third World, decent drinking water will remain in short supply and delivery systems for it will remain substandard compared to Europe and North America. 

Keep in mind that there are some truly misguided but well-meaning people believing they are doing environmental good involved in COP21.  But others want to keep the Third World poor and relying on “handouts” from the so-called “developed world.”

Even our own (in my view “poor choice” as) president has declared that:  “Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over—unless we find new ways of producing energy”.

Now this is simply false.  The planet will never “...boil over,” unless new laws of physics get invented. But keeping Africa poor will result in more deaths resulting from not “...raising living standards.”

And you should not have to wait for someone else to “...find new ways of producing energy.” What if they don’t?  Does that mean that you and your descendants should wallow in poverty? 

Do NOT take our president’s statement as what the American people want for your country. 

For me, I would like to see every African of driving age able to 1: Have one or two cars, 2: Have a decent road system upon which to drive them, 3: Have Air Conditioning, 4: Have a big house or elegant apartment, 5: Have a job making, selling, or distributing things like Air Conditioners, Cars, Farm Equipment, or teaching others how to do just that, and all those things that make life pleasant and a lifestyle you can be proud of.

Can you explain your statement that “global warming is not an issue that concerns Africa”?

Thomas Wysmuller:  To begin:  The planet’s atmosphere has not warmed for almost two decades, and that includes Africa. 

Enlarged Figure 1. No global warming for 18 years and 9 months.

If we look at the total emissions of CO2 produced by man since 1750, we find that one third of these emissions occurred in only the last 18 years and 9 months. However, the most reliable measurements of the Earth’s surface temperature obtained by satellites show no indication of global warming over this period. There is no evidence to support the claims that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing a sudden, dangerous change in the Earth’s climate.

I pose the following question from time to time: Pick any day of the year, any season. Add two degrees. Notice any difference? Enjoy life. Save $Billions that your government wants to spend or divert on this foolishness.

A small fraction of those same “$Billions” could develop a power grid across all of Africa, provide cheap, reliable and clean coal-fired electricity for all.  CO2 additions would benefit the planet, allowing more rapid plant and crop growth, while CO, Carbon particles, and real pollutants would be controlled with modern engineering techniques.  A competent Physicist or Meteorologist would let you know that equatorial regions of Earth would radiate most of that added heat into space - the colder regions would warm, but not enough to cause major ice depletion.  Recent evidence points to Antarctica gaining so much more ice/snow so as to drop world sea levels by 0.23mm each year. Truly, “global warming is not an issue that concerns Africa” Economic impoverishment most certainly is!

Should we fear the return of colonialism particularly in Africa?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Under real colonialism, you knew from whom you wanted to be liberated.  However, “economic subjugation” is likely even more insidious than that of your past colonial experience. 

Keeping Africa from utilizing your own natural resources, keeping you without reliable power, denying you a decent transportation infrastructure to move goods throughout the continent, or even withholding reliable electrical power to make those goods, is true repression. 


The Paris Summit organizers think that the growth of jihadism and wars in Africa is linked to global warming. What do you think?

Thomas Wysmuller:  The recent unrest in the world and attacks in Paris “feed” this kind of thinking.  In truth, poverty and lack of food and water are the “fuel” for jihadism.  This results in destabilization attempts directed towards governments who are unable to “cure” these societal ills.  If reliable electricity would power desalinization plants and provide water for agriculture and industry, the attractiveness for regime destruction relied upon by jihadists would dissipate. 

Is there a relationship between the warming of the oceans and the emissions of CO2?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Absolutely!  As the oceans warm, they release the heavier dissolved CO2 molecules contained within them.  In fact they are responsible for almost all of the CO2 emissions added to the atmosphere every year.  Humans account for less than 4%, and half of that is re-absorbed by either plants or the oceans each year!!!

What advice would you give to the African heads of state that have already accepted the invitation to go to the Paris Summit? Should they refuse to sign the protocol to impose a worldwide climate policy?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Go to the Paris Summit.  Do NOT give up your nation’s right to explore for, extract, utilize and develop your natural resources. 

Review any technical assistance offered, but have your own scientists that have high integrity, analyze any offers and accept only those that:  1: Give your nation capability that it doesn/t presently have, 2: Contribute to your own energy independence, 3: Grant meaningful employment for your people, 4:  Improve your nation’s infrastructure, and 5: Allow you to increase your nation’s competitiveness in all aspects of world trade.  There are many more in addition to these 5, but starting with these, your heads of state will earn their right to remain in their positions. 

And yes, they should absolutely refuse to sign the protocol as it has been described to me.  Signing will guarantee permanent mediocrity for those African nations that are tricked into supporting the protocol.

And what message do you have for the African population who, not long ago, heard Barack Obama tell them that it is dangerous for the planet that every house should have electricity?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Tell Barack Obama to cut power to the US White House 20 times per day, sell his jet plane Air Force One, and get rid of the cars that he rides in on the way to golf courses on a weekly basis.  When all of those happen, then consider that you might not want every house having electricity, and decide that his house will be the only one in that category.

Nonetheless, the phenomenon of global warming is not a myth. And you are saying that it has some good advantages such as creating jobs?

Thomas Wysmuller:  We are in a 2 degree C plus and minus temperature band for the past 10,000 years!  300 years ago we were cooling. 100 years ago we started warming again.  We are still in that 2 degree C range, and not anywhere near the top of that range. 

Add atmospheric CO2 and plants grow more and need less water to do so.  Satellite imagery of the Sahel region of Africa shows greening during the 20 years after the satellites were first put in orbit.  If there is any myth, it is that of taking just the past 100 years of temperature change and insisting that it will go on forever.  Over 100 climate models have failed to accurately project the Earth’s atmospheric temperature - and all but 3 failed on the high side because of CO2 increase assumptions and feedbacks built into the modeler’s assumptions. 

Jobs will follow as a result of NOT following the proposed resource development restrictions that some would impose upon your country and delight in your continued subservience.  I’m not one of them!!!

The way things are going right now, some scientists fear an increase of floods, cyclones and other natural catastrophes. Can you comment? 

Thomas Wysmuller:  Those scientists to whom you refer just are not keeping up with reality.  I cannot apologize for their ignorance, but hopefully they can.  There is a concept called “Accumulated Cyclonic Energy” (ACE) and it is tracked worldwide.  It takes the energy components of storms wind speed, storm duration measured in 6-hour intervals, and area covered.  This ACE statistic trend is tracked, and for the past 15 years the trend is down, and decidedly so, even as CO2 has risen. 

Figure 2. Accumulated Cyclonic Energy (ACE), a measure of the energy components of storms has tended to decrease for the last 15 years, while CO2 emissions have risen.

Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons, etc., are within their historic ranges though not fewer in number, but this is likely due to better satellite tracking of these systems.  In areas where there is high accuracy in storm tracking, such as the United States, numbers of Tornadoes in all categories are either diminished or flat, none increasing! 

Please keep in mind that the “catastrophes” referred to are all “Weather” related, not “Climate” related, as “Climate” is the result of very long term changes in the averages of many meteorological factors, and CO2 is not the major one involved.

What can explain that two weeks before the Paris summit, the conclusions of your work and your observations are not well-known around the world? Are there some people that don’t want your voice to be heard?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Many highly regarded and recognized scientists with world class reputations share my outlook and have similar opinions.  I give lectures, talks and presentations all over the world, and those conclusions that I have arrived at with others are actually quite well known. 

I am sure there are some that “...don’t want your (my) voice to be heard,” but those are the actions of fear; fear that they will be exposed as less than competent, and have to defend policies that damage the very people and nations that they pretend to be helping.

Can you tell us why you are not afraid to oppose the powerful nations and powerful people (including even the Pope) who are involved in promoting this climate change agenda? They say that that there is a danger! Are you trying to tell us that the right of all nations to develop, the need to create jobs, and the need for science to be truthful, is more important than fear?

Thomas Wysmuller:  Absolutely!!! And there is no “climate danger” to worry about but there is a very real danger that lack of development, poverty, and lack of economic opportunity present to your country and the world! 
I have easily developed a lack of fear with respect to my positions, as they are grounded in hard science, accurate data, and a structured approach in problem solving that I learned during my days at NASA.  Over the years I have applied my Meteorological, Mathematical, and Earth Sciences background to my presentations, and acquired an understanding of climate, and Ice-Age formation. 

I believe my “advice” to the developing world will actually allow them to DEVELOP!!!  Rise to the level that brings the best lifestyle, medical health, and prosperity that you can hope for and then benefit all of humanity!!!  When your nation’s intelligence and intellect is focused on becoming equal partners in the world, the rest of the world’s nations will welcome your inclusion in mainstream economic progress, and I not only look forward to that day, but will work hard to convince others to help you achieve it.

I thank you for your work in communicating my viewpoints to your country’s leaders and your general readership.  Political decisions based upon sound science and correct information are the recipe for national achievement, and I wish you the very best in attaining that success!!! 

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