Frozen in Time
Mar 21, 2007
Americans Remain Unmoved by Global Warming Alarmism


Al Gore’s feature documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” has given the global warming issue considerable public exposure since its premiere 15 months ago. Global warming’s image as a “cause celeb” may have been secured when Gore accepted an Academy Award for his film last month before an adulatory crowd. Have Gore’s and Hollywood’s association with global warming done anything for the cause?

Mar 20, 2007
NASA Finds Evidence in the Nile River Records for Solar Influence on Climate

Joan Feynman of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California in an article published in the Journal of Geophysical Research noted that “Since the time of the pharaohs, the water levels of the Nile were accurately measured, since they were critically important for agriculture and the preservation of temples in Egypt,” she said. “These records are highly accurate and were obtained directly, making them a rare and unique resource for climatologists to peer back in time.” The researchers found some clear links between the sun’s activity and climate variations.

Mar 20, 2007
What Do We Know About Clouds

World Climate Report

Proponents of the catastrophic effects of global warming on the Earth’s climate often point (somewhat contradictorily) to either heat-related clear-sky drought or evidence of increased heavy rains when discussing global warming. 

Mar 20, 2007
Poor Hit Hardest by Kyoto Folly: Millions in ‘Fuel Poverty’ Trap

London Evening Standard

The number of households facing a choice between heating and eating has almost doubled in the past two years.

Mar 19, 2007
Does a Global Temperature Really Exist?

Christopher Esses, Ross McKitrick and Bjarne Andresen

Physical, mathematical and observational grounds are employed to show that there is no physically meaningful global temperature for the Earth in the context of the issue of global warming.

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