Frozen in Time
Dec 28, 2006
Blaming the Bovines

Eric Peters, Pittsburg Tribune-Review

As it turns out, Americans may have been blaming the wrong culprit for global warming.

Oct 23, 2006
Remember Global Cooling?:  Why scientists find climate change so hard to predict.

Jerry Adler, Newsweek

Jun 26, 2006
Spin canít hide the facts concerning the hockey stick

Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick

May 20, 2004
We’re Doomed Again

Ronald Bailey, Wall Street Journal

Aug 12, 2000
Albert Gore Jr.: Occidental and Oriental Connections

BY MICAH MORRISON, Wall Street Journal

On his 1998 tax returns under “supplemental income,” Vice President Al Gore lists a $20,000 royalty payment from Union Zinc Inc. for the right to mine zinc from his 88-acre farm here in the verdant hills of the Cumberland River valley. In the 25 years he has held the zinc lease, Mr. Gore has earned more than $450,000. 

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