Frozen in Time
Mar 20, 2007
What Do We Know About Clouds

World Climate Report

Proponents of the catastrophic effects of global warming on the Earth’s climate often point (somewhat contradictorily) to either heat-related clear-sky drought or evidence of increased heavy rains when discussing global warming. 

Mar 20, 2007
Poor Hit Hardest by Kyoto Folly: Millions in ‘Fuel Poverty’ Trap

London Evening Standard

The number of households facing a choice between heating and eating has almost doubled in the past two years.

Mar 19, 2007
Does a Global Temperature Really Exist?

Christopher Esses, Ross McKitrick and Bjarne Andresen

Physical, mathematical and observational grounds are employed to show that there is no physically meaningful global temperature for the Earth in the context of the issue of global warming.

Mar 19, 2007
Reporting: Tenn. mine enriched Gore, scarred land

By BILL THEOBALD, Tennessean Washington Bureau

Al Gore has profited from zinc mining that has released millions of pounds of potentially toxic substances near his farmstead, but there is no evidence the mine has caused serious damage to the environment in the area or threatened the health of his neighbors. 

Mar 16, 2007
Two Papers On The Urban Heat Island Effect On Temperatures

By Roger Pielke, Sr. in Climate Science

Thanks to Charles Muller, he has alerted us to two new papers on the urban heat island effect on temperature trends. 

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