Frozen in Time
Apr 03, 2007
Top Court: EPA Can Control Emissions


The Supreme Court ordered the federal government on Monday to take a fresh look at regulating carbon dioxide emissions from cars, a rebuke to Bush administration policy on global warming.


Mar 27, 2007
Global Hurricane Intensity Not Increasing

World Climate Report

University of Wisconsin researchers found in a GRL published paper “The time-dependent differences between the UW/NCDC and JTWC best track records underscores the potential for data inconsistencies to introduce spurious (or spuriously large) upward trends in longer-term measures of hurricane activity. Using a homogeneous record, we were not able to corroborate the presence of upward trends in hurricane intensity over the past two decades in any basin other than the Atlantic. Since the Atlantic basin accounts for less than 15% of global hurricane activity, this result poses a challenge to hypotheses that directly relate globally increasing tropical SST to increases in long-term mean global hurricane intensity.”

Mar 26, 2007
Climate Skeptic Questions Conventional Thinking

Ned Rozell, Alaska Report

Fairbanks, Alaska - Syun-Ichi Akasofu’s greatest successes in a career of studying the aurora came when he questioned the conventional ideas about the phenomenon.

Mar 24, 2007
What Tree Rings Are Saying About Recent Decades

Douglas Hoyt

Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit March 19th blog on Up-to-Date White Spruce Ring Widths is an excellent read and has some very insightful comments. One comment from Doug Hoyt, I thought was worth bringing to your attention. He starts with a review of a relevant paper in the 2006 Journal of Climate by 

Mar 21, 2007
An Excellent Summary Analysis of Extreme Temperatures in the United States

By Roger Pielke Sr. in Climate Science blog

Record high and low temperature records are of particular interest due to the major impacts they have on society and the environment. Bruce Hall has completed an analysis of record temperatures on his website Hall of Record that is a very valuable resource for this climate metric.

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