Frozen in Time
Mar 09, 2007
Opinion: How winter became cooler than global warming

William D. Balgord, Detroit News

Mar 09, 2007
The heat’s in the sun


Mar 09, 2007
Global warming: Nature goes against Science

The First Post

Mar 09, 2007
Revising USHCN and GISS data to amplify warming

Climate Audit by Steve McIntyre

Steve McIntyre has an important blog entry that show that NCDC USHCN and NASA GISS have adjusted the the data in 2007 to amplify the recent warming and cool the 1930s - supposedly to better reconcile US data with the global data. See how this has upset many scientists. USHCN and GISS data

Mar 06, 2007
Climate change part of nature, scientist says

JULIE A. VARUGHESE, Norwich Bulletin

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