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Oct 10, 2007
Climate Project Brings Gore’s Global Warming Slideshow to a Senior Center Near You

By Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters

Have you heard about The Climate Project?

This is an organization founded by soon-to-be-Nobel Laureate Al Gore designed to train mindless automatons the Global Warmingist-in-Chief’s factually flawed slideshow so that they can travel around the world inciting hysteria about manmade global warming. And, of course, make Al Gore more money! Maybe most deplorable, their lectures are given at community centers, senior facilities, coffee houses, and other places members of the public go to meet, greet, and eat. Would you like a schmear of propaganda with your bagel this morning, Mrs. Silverman?

In June 2006, The Climate Project (TCP) began operations based in Nashville, Tennessee, as non-profit organization with the mission of increasing public awareness of the climate crisis at a grassroots level throughout the United States and abroad. By April 2007, a diverse group of 1000 volunteers from every corner of the USA had been trained to present a version of the slide show on which the Academy Award-winning film, “An Inconvenient Truth” is based. More Nashville trainings are planned for later in 2007, focusing on specific sector groups. In addition, TCP/Al Gore-training initiatives have already trained almost 400 people in the UK and Australia with international trainings being planned in Spain, India, China, Canada and others. How delightful. Al Gore is creating disciples to assist him with his fraud.

Of course, after you overcome your nausea, you should be impressed with this facet of Gore’s marvelous scheme. Think about it: just two years after he accused President Bush of playing on the country’s fears concerning 9/11 in order to invade Iraq, Gore played on America’s Hurricane Katrina fears by releasing a movie that fraudulently claimed global warming to be responsible for that natural disaster. Next, he enlisted brainless Hollywoodans and media members to assist him in spreading the lie while soliciting volunteers all around the world to do the same thing.  To be sure, all this occurred well after he had positioned himself to benefit financially from the hysteria he was creating.
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Oct 09, 2007
Inaccuracies in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth

By the New Party, UK

The decision by the government to distribute Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth has been the subject of a legal action by New Party member Stewart Dimmock.  Although a full ruling has yet to be given, the Court found that the film was misleading in 11 respects and that the Guidance Notes drafted by the Education Secretary’s advisors served only to exacerbate the political propaganda in the film.

In order for the film to be shown, the Government must first amend their Guidance Notes to Teachers to make clear that

1.) The Film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument.

2.) If teachers present the Film without making this plain they may be in breach of section 406 of the Education Act 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination.

3.) Eleven inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children.

See the list of inaccuracies found by the courts here.

Oct 08, 2007
Two Papers Warn of Impending Ice Age - One Natural, One Man-made

Most Ice Ages occur at intervals of about 100,000 years.  Though the last ice age ended more than 100,000 years ago, one of the essential prerequisites for the IPCC case for extended global warming is the claim that we face an extended Holocene like interglacial warm period because orbital geometry now is similar to the 400,000 years ago interglacial leading the IPCC to proclaim in their robust findings that the current deglaciation (warm interglacial) should last at least another 30,000 years. In this paper Peter Harris explains why he believes the assumptions used are incorrect and why there may be in fact good reason to expect the imminent termination of the interglacial because of the coincident action of 6 major cyclic processes.

In the Australian Broadcasting Corporation story, Dr. Barrows of the Australian National University sees the poossibility of a sudden cooling but for entirely different reasons. Dr Barrows explains that Europe is at risk of a new ice age as a result of global warming.There are some fears that warming in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly around the Greenland ice sheet, might cause quite a bit of meltwater to come into the North Atlantic Ocean,” he said. “That might change the salinity of the water there and stop what’s called ‘the great conveyor belt of the oceans’ forming deep water that releases an enormous amount of heat that keeps Europe out of an ice age, essentially. “So if global warming does stop this circulation from occurring, then we could potentially have a new ice age in Europe.” Dr Barrows says this effect is similar to what happened about 12,900 years ago, when the earth experienced rapid cooling. He says a new ice age in the Northern Hemisphere is not far off.  “You’d begin to feel the effects almost immediately and certainly within a century,” he said.  This you may recall was a theory proposed years ago by Woods Hole scientists and the theme of the movie “Day after Tomorrow”.


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